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potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment 10000-100000t/y New Type Of Mannheim Preparation Of Potassium Sulfate

Description:Right Machinery Company is a fertilizer equipment manufacturer and supplier in China. This fertilizer machine from our company is environmental friendly and of high quality. Our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment has an annual output ranging from 10kt to 200kt.


Features:1.The main components of our potassium sulfate fertilizer machine are all made of special materials which are corrosion resistant and durable. Therefore, our fertilizer equipment has longer service life when compared with similar products. 2.Scientifically designed furnace hearth ensures this fertilizer equipment a higher usage of fuels.3.Our potassium sulfate fertilizer equipment has a high drying efficiency as well as a novel structure.


Potassium Sulfate Fertilizer Equipment

As a professional manufacturer of fertilizer equipment in China, Jiangsu Right Machinery Group Co., Ltd mainly provides fertilizer equipment, building and mining equipment, rolling functional units, shearing machine, press brake and plate rolling machine. Established in 1954, we have obtained certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS. And with high-quality and reasonable price, our products have been popular in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc . If you are in need fertilizer equipment, please contact us freely.



10000-100000t/y New Type Of Mannheim Preparation Of Potassium Sulfate


In this process, potassium chloride and sulfuric acid used as raw materials, and they have a reaction with the high temperature of 500℃-550℃. The product is agricultural potassium sulfate achieved the good quality standard of GB20406-2006 and the byproduct is industrial hydrochloric acid. According the inspection by bureau of quality and technical supervision, all of the K2O content, chlorion content, water content and physical characters have achieved and exceed the level of similar products abroad. The manufacturer can get the hydrochloric acid as byproduct has the concentration at or below 31% according their demand, and the quality achieves the standard of BG320-2006.



This technology is a new type of reactor furnace which can improve the Mannheim furnace structure, combined with other specialized equipment, it has successfully solved the corrosion resistant material problem under the environment of high temperature and strong acid and also solved the process technology problem of continuous feeding production. Compared with the similar equipment in foreign countries, its outstanding characteristic is less investment, short build period, high degree of automation, stable operation, high thermal efficiency, strong operability, high product yield, reliable quality and good environmental protection effect.



Materials of Mannheim furnace flue can be divided into two kinds of silicon carbide and alloy steel.

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