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Types of fertilizer machines

1.Mechanical spreader

(1) full range fertilizing machine
The basic feature of this machine is in the machine application in full width uniform fertilization. Its working principle can be divided into two categories: one category is the rotary multi bladed fertilizing device is horizontally arranged; the other is by the lateral movement along the chain on the chain, along the entire width of fertilization machine.
(2) pneumatic spreader width
Development of pneumatic wide distributor of various types in recent years, the working principle of roughly the same, are high-speed airflow generated by high-speed rotation of the fan, and with a fertilizer discharging device with mechanical type and nozzle width, high efficiency, large application fertilizer and lime soil improver.

2.Fertilizer application machine

The reasonable method of applying fertilizer is to set up a fertilizing device on the seeding machine, and the seed fertilizer is applied at the same time. At present, most of the developed countries planter equipped with fertilizer application device, such as the United States about corn planter corn drill 60%, 45% with a fertilizing device. One billion mu of arable land in China is lack of phosphorus, generally need to use fertilizer, but the existing seeding machine can not meet the requirements.
For seed fertilizer machine is chemical fertilizer and seeds into the same seed tube, the opening in the same ditch opener. Seed, fertilizer mix easily make fertilizer "burn" seed.

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