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Notes of organic fertilizer granulator

Organic fertilizer granulator is the most critical step in organic fertilizer processing technological process, the stand or fall of granulation equipment is directly related to the quality of the fertilizer granules quality, such as rate of pellet formation, organic fertilizer granulator after buy back is not to say that we can work out high quality fertilizer, because organic fertilizer process is relatively complex, every link of the whole process line is very important, any link problems are likely to damage the quality of the organic fertilizer.
When we use fertilizer granulator, we should pay attentation to:
First, raw materials to completely rotten sterilization, at the same time, after crushing, fully stirring mixing can be as qualified raw materials for processing.
Second, granulating process, which requires skilled workers to operate the organic fertilizer granulator, skilled at ordinary times also want to maintenance of equipment, after granulating have reasonable drying and cooling processing equipment, to avoid the phenomenon such as particles, cracks, fragile.
Finally, granule were classified by size, through automatic packaging said to realize quantitative weighing and packing.

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