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New organic fertilizer industry standards

We are implementing a standard NY525-2012, instead of the original NY525-2011, on March 1, 2012 release date 2012-6-1 embodiment, People's Republic of China Ministry of Agriculture issued.
1, the technical indicators:
Organic matter content (in dry basis) 45 Total nutrient (nitrogen + phosphorus pentoxide + potassium) mass fraction (in dry base count) ≥5.0 water (fresh sample) mass fraction ≤30 pH (PH) 5.5-8.5
2, heavy metals limit indicators
Unit: mg / kg total arsenic (As) (in dry base count) ≤15 total mercury (Hg) (to dry base count) ≤2 total lead (Pb) (to dry base count) ≤50 total chromium ( cr) (to dry base count) ≤150 total cadmium (Cd) (to dry base count) ≤3
3, Ascaris eggs and fecal coliform mortality indicators
Shall comply with the requirements of NY884.

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