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What's the water soluble fertilizer

Water Soluble Fertilizer is a kind of can be completely dissolved in the water of the multicomponent composite fertilizer, it can quickly dissolved in water, are more likely to be absorbed by crops, and the absorption and utilization rate is relatively high, more critical is it can be used in spray irrigation and other agricultural facilities, realize the integration of water and fertilizer to the efficiency of water saving and fertilizer saving. Compared with the traditional superphosphate, compound fertilizer granulation and other varieties, water soluble fertilizer has obvious advantages. Its main characteristic is low dosage, convenient use, low cost, high utilization rate of crop absorption, nutrition. As a result, it is entirely possible to design the formula according to the required characteristics of nutritional needs of crop growth, scientific formula will not cause fertilizer waste, making the fertilizer utilization ratio is about 2-3 times that of common compound fertilizers (in China, the common compound fertilizer fertilizer rate is only 30% - 40%), followed by, the water soluble fertilizer is a quick acting fertilizer, can let growers quickly see the effect of fertilizer and performance, at any time according to the growth of different crops on fertilizer formula to make adjustments. Of course, water soluble fertilizer application method is very simple, it can with irrigation water including sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation irrigation fertilization, not only save water and save the fertilizer, but also save the labor force, which in the rising cost of labor force. Using water soluble fertilizer benefit is obvious. As a result of the water soluble fertilizer application method is the water irrigation, therefore makes the fertilization extremely even, this also has laid the solid foundation for the improvement of the output and the quality. Water soluble fertilizer generally less impurity and low electrical conductivity, the concentration is very easy to adjust, so it even on young seedlings is safe, don't worry causes burn seedlings and other adverse consequences.

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