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Kitchen waste can be processed into fertilizer

A few days ago, Dongshan Town, Wuzhong District set up in the town within the Dongshan Town Center kitchen waste treatment station, Mo Li Cun kitchen waste treatment station, Lu Village food waste treatment station, Yang Wan Cun kitchen waste treatment station, station, station six station garbage disposal garbage disposal Dongshan Experimental Primary School of Sanshan Village kitchen, invested about 3 million yuan to buy 10 500 kilograms of food waste disposal machine, a 1 tons of food waste biochemical processor is put into use. The kitchen waste treatment station a day to deal with the area government canteens, restaurants, school canteens, farmhouse about 6 tons of food waste. According to reports, 200 kilograms of organic fertilizer 20 kg a ton of food waste, kitchen waste. Organic fertilizer can be processed after used for afforestation, kitchen waste can be processed into biodiesel.

In recent years, visitors to the constant to the farmhouse as the representative of the development of the catering industry, Dongshan Town, only the number of farm music reached more than 300. At the same time, the new development of the farmhouse and agricultural ecological garden picking lead to food waste production continues to grow, therefore, it is particularly important to the centralized treatment of food waste in situ resource.

According to reports, food waste treatment resources not only have economic benefits and good social benefits. Kitchen waste in situ resource centralized processing to break the traditional pattern of garbage disposal, reduce environmental pollution, improve the appearance of the township; promoting the circular economy level, effectively enhance the Dongshan waste reduction resource and innocuity treatment level, promote the healthy and harmonious development of the east town economy, protect the ecological environment Taihu. The next few years, Dongshan Town will continue to adjust measures to local conditions, rational planning, combined with the beautiful town and village construction, step by step, expand coverage, and strive to achieve full coverage of the food waste treatment, and to strengthen the management, re injection effect, establish a long-term management mechanism, making life garbage disposal work more standardized and institutionalized, ensure Taihu ecological and environmental protection work does not stay dead.This paper is to turn from [Feijiu net (formerly China used material network) www.feijiu.net] source address: http://news.feijiu.net/infocontent/html/201512/2/2355620.html China waste material network concerned Feijiu net information / quotes / market quotes, access to exclusive information. Used to buy and sell on the Feijiu network more timely professional waste information, the latest offer, please log on to the official micro channel platform.
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