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Fertilizer Production Line
organic fertilizer equipment


Description of Organic Fertilizer Production Line:This organic fertilizer production line (organic fertilizer equipment) is designed based on advanced, mature and complete equipment technologies. Its fermentation system can simultaneously make the best use of solar energy, bioenergy and mechanical energy, so this equipment can save energy to the largest extent.The annual production capacity of this equipment varies from 10kilotons to 200kilotons.The whole fertilizer production process is centralized controlled, so this fertilizer machine is highly automatic and easy to operate. And both of the batching system and the packing system are controlled by the computer, thus ensuring the precision of material batching and fertilizer packing.


Complete Equipments Offering:1.Livestock and poultry manure bio-organic fertilizer equipment2.Dregs bio-organic fertilizer equipment3.Papermaking sludge bio-organic fertilizer equipment4.Municipal solid waste fertilizer equipment


Organic Fertilizer Production Line (Compound Organic Fertilizer Equipment)

Main Components of the Organic Fertilizer Production Line:

1. Disc granulator

2. Packing machine

3. Vibrating machine

4. Chain mill?

5. Cage Crusher


Established in 1954, Jiangsu Right Machinery Group Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer production line (compound organic fertilizer equipment) in China. Apart from the organic fertilizer equipment, we still have many other high-quality products, such as urea granulation process equipment, various fertilizer equipments, building and mining equipment, rolling functional units, shearing machine, press brake, plate rolling machine, etc. With certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS, our high-quality products have been exported to many countries in the world, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Thailand, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, etc. If you want know more information about our organic fertilizer production line (compound organic fertilizer equipment), please freely contact us.

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