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Description of the Belt Conveyor:This belt conveyor is a kind of conveyor mainly used to convey solid particles, such as grains, coals, ores, stones and rocks, etc.It is mainly made up of mainframe, conveyor belt, two or more pulleys, tension device, and driving device, etc. In order to make the fertilizer process more efficiently, this conveyor can be operated individually as well as together with other fertilizer equipment.


Features of the Belt Conveyor:1.This belt conveyor is applicable to dealing with both of general materials and bulk materials.


Belt Conveyor

2.It can be used in many industries, such as food industry, mining industry, and metallurgy field, etc.3.This conveyor has features of simple structure, reliable performance, high conveying efficiency, and longer service life, etc.


Working Principles of the Belt Conveyor:1.This belt conveyor has two or more pulleys, and those pulleys can be powered as well as unpowered. The powered pulley can drive the belt to move forward, so it is named as driving pulley. The unpowered pulley is called as idler.2.Materials, to be transferred, are put on the belt, and then, under the drive of motor, driving pulleys drive the belt to move forward until those materials are conveyed to the designated place.


Parameters of the Belt Conveyor:


Capacity m3/h

Journey mm

Gauge mm

Dynamoelectric Roller V=0.8m/s


≥ 5



2.2 kw


≥ 8



3 kw


≥ 12



4 kw


≥ 16



5.5 kw


≥ 20



7.5 kw


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