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10000-200000t/y Humic acid process & complete set equipments



Process Introduction

Use chemical method to extract humus from weathered coal or lignite, make it to be commodity humic acid salt, and also can be used as raw material of high-end organic fertilizer.



Use alkali solution acid out process (that is alkali extraction agent) to produce humic acid. Technological process is as follows: weathered coal or lignite after being pulverized, mix and react with a certain amount of potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide solution, generate humic acid salt suspension liquid, then separate slag and clear liquid through centrifuge or natural precipitation; Slags can be continuously used as raw materials of organic fertilizer, clear liquid form the products through acid out, concentration and spray drying, it is the humic acid salt.


Product Highlights

Produce the humic acid by alkali soluble acid method, its organic matter content is high, the aromatic ring of molecules and hydroxyl on the aliphatic chain and dissociate hydrogen ions in hydroxyl make humus have acidity and exchange capacity, thus to make it have potential chelating ability with many organic matter and inorganic matter.

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