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Fertilizer Production Line
50000-500000t/y Compound Fertilizer By Tower Granulation



Technology note

High-tower granulation adopt melt pulp tower granulation compound fertilizer production technology, use urea melted liquid as fluid carrier, mix with powdery ammonium phosphate, potassium chloride or potassium sulfate, tower top nozzle spray and cooling into granule. Made a new kind of urea-based compound fertilizer that have smooth particles and better strength and granularity.



Compared with common fertilizer production manufacturing technology, melt pulp tower granulation compound fertilizer have obvious advantages:

1. Product nutrient distribute uniformly, crops absorb easily.

2.Can produce high nitrogen binary(NK or NP) compound fertilizer, compound fertilizer ratio get more reasonable.

3.High yield, almost no return material, save power consumption and coal consumption.

4.Use melt urea heat energy, the moisture content of material is very low, don’t need drying process, greatly save energy consumption.

5.Products granule surface is smooth and mellow, have the high market competitiveness.

6.Yield big in unit time.

7.Good operating environment, no three wastes discharge, belongs to clean production process.

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