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Fertilizer Production Line
30000-500000t/y Ammonification Granulation Reaction of sulfuric acid and ammonia



Technical note

Compound fertilizer materials, liquid ammonia from ammonia station, sulfuric acid being sent by sulfuric acid pump and part of cleaning mixture mixed react in the granulation area of granulator, reaction heat of sulfuric acid and ammonia generate high-temperature and low humidity liquid ammonium sulfate, through its self-generated atomization steam, promote granulation materials graining and improve granulation materials property. Meanwhile, part of the liquid ammonia get further reaction with ammonium phosphate in layer of granulation beds to participate in granulation. Granulation temperature is 60~75℃, material moisture after granulating is about 2.5%. Drying machine inlet temperature is 80~165℃(Flexible grasp according to the formula need), granulation exhaust washed by venturi system, cleaning mixture can participate in granulation recycle according to formula.



1. Improve products quality, significantly reduce the energy consumption, effectively increase the operation elasticity of production line.

2. Product appearance shiny and mellow.

3. Effectively solve the poor property problem of urea-based compound.

4. Effectively reduce production cost and increase device profitability.

5. Enhance anti-caking ability.

6. Production formula flexible, can produce a variety of compound fertilizer products such as high nitrogen, high phosphorus and nitrogen and potassium etc..

7. Device dust quantity is small, production environment is good.

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