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Fertilizer Production Line
50000-500000t/y Nitro Compound Fertilizer Process & Complete Set Equipments



Dissolve the Ammonium nitrate phosphorus and spray it to granulator material bed, use the method of rotary drum granulating to realize half slurry production. Suitable for a variety of formulations of compound fertilizer.


1.Apply to a variety of formulations of nitro thioxo compound fertilizer.

2.Process control points is less, and easy to operate.

Product Highlights

1.High efficiency, environmental protection, nitro compound fertilizer not only can promote crop growth quickly, but also can reduce the loss pollution, utilization rate is high, compared with the same amount of elemental fertilizer, it can increase yield production of 7-20%.

2.Safe and reliable, easy to use, not only preserve the basic characteristics of ammonium nitrate, but also no security risk.

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